YTV Glasgows newest TV Station for young

people Y not be part of it !                                     


We are currently developing the website for ytv which will also deliver live programmes as well as pre recorded material already recorded by the young people.Within the station there will various shows such as Arts and Music Programmes, Sports & Leisure , Create your own TV adverts ! Drama's , Entertainment shows, Chat Shows , Comedy Sketches , Reality programmes and much more !



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Young people involved will have the opportunity to become the Producers , Scriptwriters , Directors , Camera operators , Sound production team , Technical staff  , Animators, Presenters and most important of all the Owners ! of their very own TV station. If you are between the age of 12 and 25 and would like to get involved why not get in touch with us at Swamp where our dedicated team will support you to get involved in the project

JayP G1FT and Miss Ellie - Exhale
Complete Stone Roses - Tell Me Moses
LEVIS AND NIKITTA - whats wrong

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rutherglen kidz 11 mpeg
YTV Intro