SWAMP has a good track record and learning through creativity – like arts and music - is great.‘I would recommend that youngsters who get a chance to do this, just grab it with both hands.



Fiona Hyslop MSP

Jessica Priston

Sam Kromstain

Lewis Tompson

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Swamp -Creating Opportunities for young people since 1996





To be recognised as Scotland’s leading community arts charity.



To promote learning and education through the study practice and knowledge of creative arts , music, film , media and digital technologies to enhance cultural and literal awareness and promote our ethos of inclusion through creation to communities throughout Scotland



Established in 1996, SWAMP is a forward-thinking community arts organisation which uses film , music , digital technologies and the creative arts to enable and empower social change in communities.


We consider the arts as a positive tool for change – helping people to:


Build confidence and attain new skills

Get back into work or education

Source work in the creative arts

Enjoy better health or simply improve quality of life



We work collaboratively with children, young people, older people and communities to achieve our aims. We work predominantly, but not exclusively, with vulnerable groups.


Swamp places innovation, enterprise and creativity alongside outstanding delivery, sound management and a strong ethos of partnership to tackle society’s big issues.


Our talented in-house and freelance artists ensure that our artistic programmes, exhibitions, performances and events are of the highest quality. We exist to inspire creativity in people and regenerate our communities through a deep, rewarding relationship with the arts.